Kazune Miyakawa was born in Chiba prefecture in 1984. His parents are both actors,while his grandfather owned a dyeing factory where craftsmen dyed kimono. They all had a strong influence on Kazune, which lead him to a life of handcraft. He experimented with various crafts and materials, producing many things of his own desing. Among those fields, hefound interest in metalwaork, particularly the craft of japanese swords and knives. Kazune possessed enough skill as a junior high school students to forge knives using the techniques of blacksmiths, and was later enrolled at the Tokyo University of theArts in order to further his study of metal. After graduating from the university,Kazune went on to graduate school at Tokyo University of the Arts, and earned a master’s degree as a metalsmith. He has since produced works of art by using the current technology of traditional blacksmiths and metalsmiths.

  • 1984Born in Chiba Prefecture,Japan
  • 2008Bachelor of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts,Craft
  • 2010Master of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts,Craft
  • 2007Ataka Award
  • 2010Harada Award

その後、彼は金属を更に学ぶため、東京芸術大学 工芸科に入学しました。
大学卒業後は大学院へ進学し、工芸 鍛金分野の修士号を取得しました。

  • 1984千葉県生まれ
  • 2008東京芸術大学美術学部工芸科鍛金 卒業
  • 2010東京芸術大学大学院美術研究科修士課程工芸 鍛金専攻 修了
  • 2007安宅賞受賞
  • 2010原田賞受賞